To Apply for a Grant

Complete the Application Form Below

    PART A: Applicant Organization

    If your project will be implemented by a consortium of organizations, there must be one leading organization that will be the applicant and sign the contract with SVGCF.

    Applicant Organization Legal Name:

    Short Name/Acronym:

    Total Permanent Staff / Active Members:

    Organization Type:

    Specify Other

    Year Organization Established:

    Purpose/ Mission:

    Organization Address:

    Website Address:

    Contact Person Name:

    Contact Person Position:

    Contact Person Email:

    Telephone (with country code):

    Please list below past projects that your organization has managed (limit to the last 5 years):

    Project Title

    Main Theme

    Start Date

    End Date

    Main Donors

    Project Budget
    (in USD)

    The table below is to be completed ONLY by consortia of organizations. Please list below the organizations that composed the consortium that will implement this project and the main roles each of them will have in the project:

    A project will be implemented by a consortium of organizations when the applicant organization will sign sub-grant contracts with other organizations that will be responsible for specific roles during the project implementation. You can ignore this table if this is not your case.

    Organization Name

    Main Functions

    PART B: Project Description

    Project Title:

    Geographic Area:
    Country, Parish, Town, Village, community, protected area, corridor, etc. If possible, give an estimate size in hectares.

    Project Focus:

    Explain the specific problem area or need for which assistance is being sought. Information should be provided to justify the need or problem.

    Project Approach:
    Explain the activities to be conducted to achieve the desired objectives including the rationale for choosing a particular approach. A chronological description of the operations of the proposed project would be adequate

    Project Intervention Logic

    The main goal that will be attained with the project contribution

    List the main objectives of the project

    Expected Outcomes:
    Main effects expected to happen with the project intervention

    Expected Outputs:
    Main products or results expected to be delivered by the project activities

    What will be done to deliver the outputs (main activities)

    Implementation details

    Key Stakeholders and Partners:

    Project Duration (in months):

    PART C: Project Estimated Budget

    What is the total amount being requested from the SVGCF (in USD)?

    Are there any other funders that will provide in-cash contributions to the project (it is not a requirement)? List below, if any, and complete the estimated amounts in the table below:

    Main Budget Items


    Other funders
    If any (USD)

    Main budget item normally includes personnel (staff and consultants), travel, equipment, administration costs (overhead), events, communication.

    Are there in-kind contributions from your organization or from other supporters or partners?

    In-kind support may include labour, travel costs, equipment that is lend to the project, trainings, etc.

    PART D: Log Frame

    Logic of Intervention

    Objectively Verifiable Indicators

    Sources of Verification

    Assumptions & Risks

    Overall Objective(s)

    Specific Objectives

    Expected Results


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