Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Conservation Fund Inc.

What is the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Conservation Fund Inc. (SVGCF)?

The SVGCF is a Not for Profit Company established in 2015 with the mission to provide funding to support conservation of biodiversity in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

What is the main purpose of the SVGCF?

The primary purpose of the SVGCF is to provide sustainable funding for the conservation, protection, and maintenance of biodiversity within the national protected area system and other environmentally significant areas in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

How does the SVGCF receive funding?

The SVGCF’s primary source of funding is the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF), a regional conservation trust fund. It also seeks additional sustainable funding from various sources, including tourism development fees, entrance fees to protected areas, private donations, government funds, and more.

What is the relationship between the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF) and the SVGCF?

The CBF is a regional fund established to provide sustainable funding for biodiversity conservation in participating Caribbean countries. It provides funding to the SVGCF and other legally independent National Conservation Trust Funds (NCTFs) in participating countries to support conservation activities.

How are CBF funds distributed and managed within Saint Vincent and the Grenadines?

CBF Endowment funds are channeled through the SVGCF to finance sustainable management activities in protected areas and critical ecosystems.

What activities can grants from the SVGCF support?

Grants from the SVGCF can be used to support a wide range of marine and terrestrial conservation-related activities, including protected area management, habitat and species conservation, biodiversity education and awareness, Conservation-oriented Research, Policy strengthening for conservation, Sustainable livelihood creation, and Technical support/capacity building for the conservation of the marine and terrestrial environment.

Who governs the SVGCF?

The SVGCF is governed by a Board of Directors, which includes Founder Member Directors, Affiliated Directors, and Non-Affiliated Directors.

What are the key officers of the SVGCF?

The key officers of the SVGCF are the President, Vice-president, the Secretary-Treasurer and CEO.

How can individuals or organizations get involved with the SVGCF or contribute to its mission?

Individuals and organizations interested in supporting the SVGCF’s mission can explore partnership opportunities, contribute donations, or engage with the fund to participate in conservation efforts in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Specific ways to get involved may vary and can be discussed directly with the SVGCF.

Project Sites FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for SVGCF Grants and Project Sites

Who is eligible to receive grants from the SVGCF?

Eligible recipients in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines include public sector agencies, local universities, established NGOs, private corporations engaged in conservation activities, local community associations, and other entities aligned with the SVGCF’s mission and goals.

What are the criteria for ranking grants and project sites?

The SVGCF considers several criteria for ranking grants and project sites, including the current ecological condition of the site, presence of endangered and rare species, urgency of action needed, ecological connectivity, and the level of social capital associated with the site. These criteria help determine the priority of ecosystems and protected areas to be supported.

What types of projects are not eligible for funding from the SVGCF?

Non-eligible projects include those related to one-time or recurring administrative costs of government ministries, staff salaries, activities that extract or deplete natural resources, land purchases, projects inconsistent with the SVGCF’s purpose, political campaigns, and projects that violate anti-corruption provisions or create conflicts of interest.

What is the funding range for SVGCF grants, and how long can they last?

SVGCF grants can range from $5,000 to $50,000 USD and can last for a maximum of two years. Depending on project outcomes, grantees may be eligible to apply for additional funding after completing their initial grants.

How does the SVGCF implement and monitor grant projects?

The SVGCF closely collaborates with grantees through a grant agreement, which outlines fund disbursement, administrative supervision, and annual work plans. It also has policies for handling amendments, conflicts of interest, and misuse of funds. The SVGCF also conducts site visits to monitor grantee progress.

How does the SVGCF measure and monitor its overall progress and impact?

The SVGCF employs a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) process to assess its progress toward its goals. This includes the use of monitoring tools such as narrative, financial expenditure and close-out reports. The SVGCF also does site visits and communicates frequently with grantees.

Will the SVGCF share information about its projects and performance publicly?

Yes, the SVGCF is committed to transparency. The SVGCF shares information in its newsletters, on social medial platforms, Local newspapers, radio and TV interviews and its website about grant awards and SVGCF activities.