The Application Process

Grant Application Process

How to Apply

The following documents are required to be submitted with the application:

Grant Making Process: Guidance Document

After conducting outreach to potential grantees and soliciting proposals, the secretariat of the SVGCF and the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will work together to review the applications and recommend grants to the board, taking a two-step approach to reviewing grant applications.

Grant Criteria Overview

Review Expression of Interest

The TAC will conduct an initial screening of Expressions of Interest to determine which potential grantees will be invited to submit a full proposal. To uphold the SVGCF’s commitment to grantee learning, the TAC will provide feedback in a letter sent through the SVGCF to applicants whose Expressions of Interest are rejected, explaining why their concept note was not selected for the next stage of the process. The SVGCF will encourage rejected applicants to reapply in future RFPs, so long as their proposal is in alignment with the goals and values of the SVGCF and other eligibility criteria.

Review the Full Proposal and Awarding the Grant

Following the review of the Expressions of Interest, The TAC will recommend to the Board which grantees to invite to submit a full proposal. The SVGCF Board will invite these grantees to submit a full proposal, which will contain a detailed description of the project, budget, timeline, a description of grantee qualifications, and any other components requested by the TAC and the Board (a full proposal template will be provided). The TAC will review and score the full proposals using the goals and process criteria outlined above (a scoresheet will be developed for each RFP. As part of the proposal review, the TAC with the support of SVGCF staff will conduct due diligence on grantees, including optional interviews with top ranked applicants. The TAC will then prepare a summary of each grant proposal and a recommendation on whether the Board should approve or reject the proposal. The SVGCF Board will meet to discuss the TAC recommendations for grants and take a final decision based on available funds.