Serenity Dive: Coral Reef Replanting and School Dive Program

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  • August 23, 2021
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The Reef Replanting and School Dive project involves the replenishment of our damaged coral reefs while educating and certifying Secondary and Community College students to become PADI Open Water Divers. These students will in turn assist with the Reef project while building their awareness and appreciation for our underwater environment. Serenity Dive’s main goal is to be able to rebuild or replenish the areas especially those within the South Coast Marine Managed area. The certification of new students, will expose them to the process, maintenance and appreciation of the growth and importance of coral which helps to protect our shorelines naturally and also provide nurseries for the fish habitat. The main corals to be replanted will be the Elkhorn and Staghorn Corals which will enhance the beautification of the reefs, provide sheltered nurseries as well as aiding in the protection of the shore lines. Another objective will be the certification of twenty (20) students who will assist in the process and continue with the maintenance and upkeep of our reefs.