Category: 2nd Call for Proposals – Projects

HAND2EARTH INC: Vetiver Systems Technology (VST) Applications for farmland restoration, land conservation, food security and sustainable livelihoods for farmers in St. Vincent in the North Leeward Orange Zone.

provide economic benefits to farmers through assisting in sustainable recovery and protection of farmlands from the impact of natural disasters.

UNION ISLAND TOURISM COMMITTE: Biodiversity Conservation and Education on Union Island through the establishment of the first recreational park in the Grenadines.

A project to establish the first recreational park in the Grenadines. The goal of this project is to provide a means of sustainable recreation while understanding

DIVE BEQUIA LTD: Reef Restoration of Devils Table

Rebuild some of the shallow-water coral reefs that were once present around the islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines so that they can support a larger reef fish population and stimulate a new level of ownership regarding the future of the local marine environment.