Small Grants Program for CSOs, Call for Participation

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  • February 01, 2022
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Call for Participation

Non-State, not-for-profit, voluntary entities formed by people in the social sphere that are separate from the State and the market. CSOs represent a wide range of interests and ties. They can include community-based organizations as well as nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Some examples of civil society organizations include:

The Overview:

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Conservation Fund (SVGCF) has received funding from the Inter-American Foundation (IAF) for a project that seeks to address the need for CSOs to increase their capacity to more efficiently conceptualize, manage and implement projects and programs that will solve ongoing environmental and sustainable livelihood challenges. Selected CSOs will participate in capacity building workshops/trainings and will then be eligible to apply for a small grant from the SVGCF.

Projects size:

SVGCF will award sub grants to each CSO averaging US$8,000 and no more than US$15,000 per group

How to apply:

Local CSOs are invited to sign up using the requisite form on the SVGCF website via

The applicants must submit the form and other required attachments to the SVGCF, through the following email:

Deadline for submission:

The deadline for submission of the application form is Feb 21st , 2022


SVGCF office is open Mon-Fri 8:00am to 4:00pm

Tel: 1(784) 453-1624;