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  • October 22, 2023
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SVGCF IAF Subgrant

Project Summary

The Hub Collective Inc.(THC) is an inclusive arts education nonprofit organisation on the Caribbean island of Bequia in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). Since October 2021, THC team has been focusing on the intergenerational archiving and re-activation project “Bush Medicine Revival” (The project aimed to safeguard traditional bush medicines, elder stories and ecological knowledge across all of Bequia’s communities). This project will further support the continuation and expansion of programs as well as help ensure the short- and long-term sustainability of the overall initiative. This would be achieved through the following:

Objective 1: Building Ecological Resilience

Through various training and development workshops, the people and visitors of Bequia will have the opportunity to engage in activities that build and grow ecological skills and knowledge.

Objective 2: Access to a Safe Communal Ecological Medicinal Garden:

The ecological medicinal garden comprising various bush medicines will have a communal sitting area and a public participatory mural to create a “showcase” green space in Bequia’s capital, Port Elizabeth. The plot will showcase 70+ medicinal plants and will be a site to train the youth on how to care for the land and develop a more harmonious relationship with nature.

Objective 3: Education/Pedagogy, Communication and Outreach around Traditional Knowledge

One of Bush Medicine Revival’s outputs under the PCF grant includes the creation of a free digitally illustrated medicinal hand guide. For this effort, we will use that information to build out various education tools and signage for the garden. The meeting of both knowledge systems (scientific and ethnobotanical) is essential as traditional knowledge and medicines are a vital source of health care and an essential source of income for many communities globally.

Ecological connectivity

Ecological connectivity Consider the role of the site within the larger ecosystem.